List of Current Members

The list below provides the name of all current members of CIEEM. Membership grades are based on an increasing level of evidenced competence from Graduate members through to Associate members, Full members and Fellows. Letters (post-nominals) after an individual member's name demonstrates the membership grade that member has currently attained (Grad CIEEM, ACIEEM, MCIEEM and FCIEEM respectively) with higher levels of competence being demonstrated by the addition of CEcol (Chartered Ecologist) or CEnv (Chartered Environmentalist) as part of the post-nominals. The addition of (rtd) to a post-nominal denotes Retired status. Student and Qualifying members are working towards competence-assessed grades of membership and are not awarded post-nominals.

Current Members
Louise Abbey Grad CIEEM
Andrew Abbott MCIEEM
Isobel Abbott Grad CIEEM
Stuart Abernethy Grad CIEEM
Victoria Abernethy MCIEEM
Robyn Ablitt ACIEEM
Sara Abo El Nour MCIEEM
Carlos Abrahams MCIEEM
Toby Abrehart MCIEEM
Crystal Acquaviva MCIEEM
Judith Adams MCIEEM
Stephen Adams CEnv MCIEEM
Erica Adamson MCIEEM
Joseph Adamson MCIEEM
Tas Adcock ACIEEM
Iain Adderton CEnv MCIEEM
Lucy Addison Grad CIEEM
Blessing Adejoh
Katherine Ader CEnv MCIEEM
Jonathan Adey CEnv MCIEEM