List of Current Members

All current CIEEM members are listed in this Directory. You can search the Directory to find a specific member by name. You can also use the registers to find a list of Fellows or Chartered members. Please note that some members have opted not to make their contact details visible.

Current Members
Stuart Abernethy ACIEEM
Victoria Abernethy MCIEEM
Jennifer Abery ACIEEM
Robyn Ablitt ACIEEM
Sara Abo El Nour MCIEEM
Alex Aboagye
Carlos Abrahams FCIEEM
Toby Abrehart MCIEEM
Morgane Accault ACIEEM
Crystal Acquaviva MCIEEM
Emma Adair
Alisha Adams
Judith Adams MCIEEM
Richard Adams
Stephen Adams CEnv MCIEEM
Emilia Adamson ACIEEM
Erica Adamson MCIEEM
Joseph Adamson MCIEEM
Nicola Adcock
Tas Adcock ACIEEM