Stalking Scotland's Bean Geese


Brian Minshull presents findings and information from 20+ years of study on the enigmatic Taiga bean geese which winter in Scotland's Central Belt. Come and find out more about these mysterious birds! This event is organised by the Scottish Section Committee.


Speaker: Brian Minshull, Independent Consultant

In the perhaps unlikely setting of the area between Airdrie and Falkirk in Central Scotland is the wintering ground of some 220 Taiga Bean Geese, the only such flock in Scotland, and arguably, the only such flock in the U.K. Enigmatic birds, hiding away on the Slamannan Plateau between early-October and mid-February each winter, they have been closely studied here for 2 or 3 decades.

However, little was known about them when they were away from the plateau, at other times of the year. That is, little was known until after years of having the objective of catching and marking some of the birds, this was finally achieved a few years ago. What has subsequently been revealed by modern tracking devices has been entirely confirmatory of the findings of the long-term ‘citizen science’ studies conducted on the Plateau, but a revelation in terms of the time when the birds are not wintering there.

This talk explores these new data as well as the personal fascination for these birds that the speaker has.

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