Bat Handling and Identification


An introduction to British bat ecology followed by species identification, handling and sexing, including health and safety precautions. The training includes a practical session where attendees will practice handling permanent captive bats and identifying preserved specimens.


This one-day course provides an introduction to British bat ecology followed by species identification (in the hand), handling and sexing, including health and safety precautions. A practical handling session will enable participants to handle permanent captive bats, including opening wings, sexing and looking for identification features. A minimum of 3 species of live bats will be used.

Preserved specimens of a wider range of species will also be available for examination and identification keys will be used. Identification using bat detectors and sound analysis or droppings will not be covered.

To participate in the Bat Handling activities on this course, attendees will require an up to date vaccination against Rabies and Tetanus. For full immunity against Rabies a course of three vaccinations are required, to be spaced over 28 days. Please allow sufficient time to arrange vaccinations if booking to attend this training.

Further information on the requirements for rabies and tetanus vaccination.

Please note *Bat Licences in the UK are issued by Natural England, NRW, SNH and NIEA. Two licensed referees are required for any application. As references should be based on the observation of a person's skills over an extended period of time, CIEEM does not provide references. We do however provide a certificate confirming completion of the training which will help in the assessment of your application.

Who Should Attend?

The training is aimed at those currently training towards a bat licence* or to be a bat carer and requiring handling and identification practice.

All attendees should be aware of the immunisation requirements for this course (see Description above).

Knowledge Level


Prior Knowledge

Some knowledge of bat ecology and UK species would be useful but this will be re-capped at the start of the course.

No previous knowledge or experience of Bat handling and ID is required to attend this training.

Learning Outcomes

  • To practise safe and correct handling of bats
  • To be able to accurately sex and weigh bats
  • To be able to use a key to identify British bat species
  • To be able to list health and safety issues relating to bat handling
  • To be able to describe the key elements of bat ecology


Refreshments are provided throughout the day. Lunch is not provided.


Tickets Person(s) Price
Member Ticket 1 £170.00
Non Member Ticket 1 £220.00