Competency Framework

How to use this Tool

Use this Self-Assessment Tool to identify your strongest competencies from the Competency Framework and to identify areas for development. For a more accurate assessment you should only answer ‘yes’ to the indicator statements if you have carried out the tasks to the required standard on several occasions – not just once or twice.

You should only choose those competencies that are relevant to your experience, but you can choose as many competencies for self-assessment as you wish.

Step One: Decide whether you are going to start with Technical competencies or Transferable competencies.

Step Two: Choose the first competency that you will assess.

Step 3: Enter your email address (required so that the output from the self-assessment can be sent to you). *

Step 4: Choose which competence level (Basic, Capable, Accomplished, Authoritative) you want to start at – you should start at the lowest level you think is appropriate and work your way up through the levels. You can download a copy of the Competency Framework for a definition of the competence levels.

Step 5: Answer the indicator statements with a Yes/No according to whether you could evidence your answer if required (e.g. if applying for the equivalent membership grade). Remember that the statements, unless they say otherwise, assume that you have carried out tasks to the required standard on several occasions – not just once or twice. You should be confident in the knowledge/tasks as well as competent (but confidence does not mean you are competent!).

Step 6: When you have finished with that competence level you will have the option to try the next level or to submit your responses. You should only move on to the next level if the majority of your answers at the current level were ‘yes’. (NB: You can always change your mind and assess the same competency at a later stage).

Step 7: Once you have submitted your responses the outcome of the self-assessment will be emailed to the address you gave in Step 1. This takes about 90 seconds.

Step 8: Choose whether to try another competency and repeat from Step 1.

You can try as many competencies as you like, and your results will be saved and updated over time as you use the self-assessment tool in the future. You can then use the CIEEM website to find support to help you develop those competencies that are most important to you. This can include training courses, guidance and knowledge-sharing networks.

Please remember that the self-assessment is only indicative and is based on your opinion. It does not confirm competence and you may be required to provide tangible evidence to third parties.

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