Lunchtime Chats with William Murphy: BIOBLOCKS- Integration of restorative eco-engineered structures in coastal development projects

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Join us as we talk to William Murphy of Aqualicense about BIOBLOCKS and hear about the integration of restorative eco-engineered structures in costal development projects .


Habitat and species recovery is an effective measure of implementing a Nature Positive Ireland and Aqualicence aim to facilitate the realisation of this through the proposed integration of restorative eco-engineered structures in coastal development projects. Eco-engineering can provide significant benefits to the natural habitat, and intelligent placement of these structures is critical to ensure maximum Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is achieved to optimise benefits for the surrounding ecosystem. Our newly developed Multi-Criteria Analysis Site Selection (MCASS) tool was designed to identify, analyse, and score the suitability of eco-structure placement. This customisable spatial analysis tool will facilitate the strategic placement of eco-engineering solutions designed to mitigate against potential biodiversity loss as a result of human developments. BIOBLOCKS is a prototype habitat enhancement unit designed to imitate the natural rocky inter-tidal zone, comprising multiple micro-habitats, and increasing the species richness of an area beyond the typical smooth structures applied to coastal defence structures. The BIOBLOCK includes pools, pits, and crevices along their surface to mimic the natural environment, attracting marine life to populate these structures. Increased habitat availability will allow for greater species distribution, enriching biodiversity and acting as a linkage between fragmented populations and suitable artificial habitats.

Aqualicense is a marine consultancy dedicated to the licensing and development of projects in the marine sector around the coastline of Ireland and is comprised of a diverse and passionate team of high-skilled individuals with backgrounds in consultancy, research, and innovation.

William Murphy has a B.A from University College Cork; majoring in Geography and a minor in Archaeology, a Higher Diploma in Business in Fisheries and Aquaculture, and a MSc in Coastal and Marine Environments from NUIG.

William is interested in helping realise the potential of our marine environment while protecting and enhancing its intrinsic value. When not in the office, he enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and training for agility competitions with his dog, Bertie!

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