Lunchtime chats with Dr David Kelleghan: Assessing atmospheric ammonia impacts in Ireland


David Kelleghan, originally a consultant ecologist, has spent the last 7 years researching atmospheric ammonia emissions, its dispersion and impact on the Irish environment. Ammonia emissions from agriculture pose a significant threat to Ireland's Natura 2000 sites, with the Dutch Nitrogen Case highlighting a number of gaps in current assessment approaches. David will discuss his research monitoring emissions from hotspots and impacts on Natura 2000 sites, alongside national modelling; placing this research in context for practitioners in light of the recent recommendations from the European Court of Justice.


The process of assessing impacts on Natura 2000 sites in practice is continually evolving, and ecologists must be able to stand above any decisions or recommendations made regardless of tools available to them. The relevance of the new CIEEM Advisory Note: Ecological Assessment of Air Quality Impacts, targeted at UK practitioners will also be highlighted. David is currently researching methods to reduce ammonia emissions from agriculture in Teagasc, as part of the Triple-A project (Abating Ammonia in Agriculture). This work will hopefully assist Ireland reducing emissions to meet our national ammonia emission ceiling, alongside reducing impacts to the local environment.

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