Nature Based Solutions to address societal challenges


Today, society faces many environmental challenges; climate change, environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity being the most significant overarching threats. While recent policy across the UK is aimed at halting biodiversity loss, and providing an overall net gain, enhancing ecosystem resilience, is this enough to protect society from these significant, global challenges?

Nature-based Solutions are inspired and supported by nature and use, or mimic, natural processes and can be applied strategically and equitably to help societies address a variety of challenges. NbS offer alternatives to grey engineering solutions, and harness ecosystem services to enhance the green and blue infrastructure, not only addressing societal challenges, but also enhancing human and ecosystem health and resilience. The term and concept have been embraced by the IUCN and European Commission for over a decade, yet the widespread adoption and mainstreaming of NbS has been slow despite their potential. In this webinar, we introduce what NbS are, provide a range of successful UK based examples and explore some of the barriers to their widespread implementation and consider solutions to addressing these obstacles.


This webinar will be delivered by Dr Laura Roberts. Laura is an associate professor in Ecology and Member of the CIEEM. She has taught extensively on field courses and conservation biology, developing professional employer-related skills for the ecological sector. Laura's pedagogic research focuses on enhancing graduate employability. Laura also works extensively with industry on habitat restoration.

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