Aquatic Plants Identification


Aquatic plants occur in complex and dynamic environments. Often they change their growth forms depending on these growing conditions which at times can make identifications particularly challenging.

Many species have distinct ecological niches and can be used to indicate water quality (Ellenberg Indicator Values). By being able to identify a suite of species within an area, a clearer understanding of the habitats present is possible.

Several species are listed as either Schedule 8 or 9, so if they are found during a survey, accurate identification is essential to enable appropriate assessment and management to take place.

We will look at the different niches each species occupies including marginals, floating, and submerged species. Emphasis will be placed on those characters that allow reliable and accurate identification. Later on we will look at determining the more unusual species. Use will be made of several botanical keys and other resources, and by the end of the day participants should feel confident in the use of these keys.

Who Should Attend?

Local Authority ecologists
Ecological consultants
Conservation officers and staff within SNCOs and NGO’s.
Environmental managers,
Land Managers

Knowledge Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Prior Knowledge

No existing knowledge, or experience is essential, but attendees will gain the most from this course if they have some prior understanding of the parts of a plants and associated terminology, have used a key (not necessarily botanical) and have some prior knowledge of UK flora.

Field Identification Skills Certificate levels 2 and above

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the different groups of Aquatic plants (submerged, emergent, floaters etc.) and how these might be used to accurately identify them.
  • Recognise and name a wide number of Aquatic Plants
  • Understand the tools required for making an accurate identification and when to get help from referees and other sources.
  • Understand the use that can be made of Aquatic plant species to help classify habitats e.g., use in Phase 1, UK Hab and NVC.


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