QGIS for Biodiversity Net Gain


Conducting a BNG assessment will soon become mandatory for most new developments. It is a new area of work and one that ecologists, particularly consultants, are having to adopt. Conducting these assessments requires specialist technical skills, and can be carried out using the freely available, open-source mapping software, QGIS.

The event is suitable for delegates familiar with the QGIS interface who have been using the product for at least three months. Ideally they will have attended an introductory QGIS course. The course will be delivered online (via Zoom), using a range of tried and tested techniques including presentations, demonstrations, individual exercises and case studies.

The course builds on delegates QGIS skills, and equips them with the specific skills needed to carry out a BNG assessment. It covers how to integrate pre-development habitat data, that they would have collected via field survey, with proposed development data, often provided by a (landscape) architect. The course will cover working with CAD data in QGIS, which is very often needed in a BNG assessment. It will also enable delegates to confidently use NE’s BNG QGIS project, together with NE’s Import to BNG Metric Excel tool.

Knowledge Level


Prior Knowledge

Good basic working knowledge of QGIS including the ability to carry out the following operations:
- Create projects from existing vector and raster data
- Symbolise layers
- Digitise points, lines and polygons
- Broad awareness of Biodiversity Net Gain and the NE BNG metric

Learning Outcomes

  • Set up a QGIS form for ease of data input in the office or field.
  • Integrate a range of datasets commonly used in BNG assessments.
  • Geo-reference a raster field survey map for use in QGIS.
  • Work with CAD data in QGIS (add, symbolise, re-position, covert to other formats).
  • Create pre and proposed development habitat datasets using advanced digitising tools.
  • Work with the NE BNG QGIS project, including exporting data to the BNG Metric using NE tools.


Tickets Person(s) Price (£)
CIEEM Member Ticket 1 £135.00
Non Member Ticket 1 £195.00