An Introduction to Acoustic Indices for Biodiversity Monitoring


This session offers a simple means to calculate Acoustic Indices without special programming skills, making soundscape analysis more easily accessible. The course introduces the basic concept of Acoustic Indices and talks about some of the types of measures they use. We then look in more detail at indices including the Biodiversity Index and Normalized Difference Soundscape Index, with example data. The inputs required for each of these indices will be discussed, before running them in real time during the class and learning how to interpret the output from Kaleidoscope Pro. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and joint learning about how well the indices perform and how they could be used. A temporary Kaleidoscope Pro license will be provided, along with example recordings so you can “play along”.


This session will be hosted by Fran Tattersall. Following a research career focusing on British wildlife, Fran works in technical sales, training and business development related to ecology and the environment. She has a particular interest in bioacoustics, and the emerging science of Acoustic Indices. Fran provides advice and training on wildlife sound recorders and analysis to companies across Europe. She is a keen naturalist and enjoys trying to identify birds by ear.

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Suitable for all

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