Climate and Biodiversity Crises: Professional Approaches and Practical Actions

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There is an urgent need to address the interlinked climate emergency and biodiversity crisis for the sake of the planet, the species and habitats it supports and for future generations.

Our 2020 online Summer Conference will demonstrate that “No one is too small to make a difference” - Greta Thunberg – when it comes to the future of our planet. We must seize the opportunity that Covid-19 has inadvertently given us and act now if we want to ensure a ‘green recovery’ and guarantee a better future.

Our speakers will offer practical, actionable solutions to questions like:  

- What approaches should we be taking, personally and professionally, to the interlinked crises?
- How can we work together, across professions, to ensure we build back better?
- What is CIEEM doing to reduce and offset its carbon use?
- Can millions of trees really absorb enough carbon to make a difference?
- How much carbon can be trapped and stored in different habitats and soils?
- What can we do to create and restore marine habitats, peatlands, woodlands and wetlands, that are essential for carbon sequestration?

Our expert panel of speakers will cover topics including:
- The importance of working together to reverse the climate change and biodiversity crises. 
- How big land-owners like the National Trust are working to protect and restore nature. 
- Why strong advocacy and enabling legislation are as vital as good targeting and effective delivery to restore and renovate nature for our changing environment.
- How the IUCN’s Peatland Code is making peatland restoration economically attractive to appeal to private purchasers motivated by corporate social responsibility. 
- The importance of preserving coastal and marine habitats as areas of carbon sequestration. 
- How we can work with farmers to encourage entirely new systems to combat the part intensive agricultural methods play in ozone layer damaging CO2 emissions. 
- Why wetland creation and restoration is integral to habitat, landscape and water quality. 
- The importance of concentrating our efforts on the bigger picture - on whole habitats, rather than individual species.

Who is this conference for? 

This conference is aimed at ecologists, environmental managers, academics, students, those involved in developing mitigation for built and infrastructure developments, those interested in sustainable farming, land managers looking to work more holistically, those interested in habitat restoration, protection of the natural environment, woodland, wetland, marine and peatland managers, environmental policy influencers, the environmental media, climate change activists, green economists, anyone involved or interested in renewable energy and anyone who cares about the future of our planet and what we can all do to conserve it.

 The Conference is being organised in partnership with CIEEM’s Action2030 group and the EcologicalRestoration and Habitat Creation Special Interest Group

We are hugely grateful to our sponsors – NHBS, WildlifeAcoustics and VisionWild

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Group Booking Option

We have introduced a group booking option where if you book 5 places, then 1 goes free offer OR book 8 places and 2 go free. Please note that at least one member of the group needs to be a CIEEM member. If you would like to make a group booking, please email with your request. 


Tickets Person(s) Price
CIEEM Member (Fellow, Full, Associate, Qualifying) - Day 2 only 1 £75.00
CIEEM Member (Retired) - Day 1 only 1 £50.00
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Non Member Ticket 1 £110.00
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