2020 Irish Conference: Conservation Approaches to Benefit Biodiversity: Big Ideas for Big Challenges

2020 Irish Conference


As awareness of the challenges facing biodiversity conservation increases, our work as ecologists and environmental managers will inevitably come under the spotlight. How can we take advantage of new tools and emerging policy approaches that are becoming available to us? Green infrastructure planning, biodiversity net gain, rewilding, ecosystem services assessment and natural capital tools: how do these concepts help us in our work to halt biodiversity loss?

This conference will explore these approaches, looking at how we can use them in a practical setting to achieve the best outcomes for biodiversity enhancement. We will showcase sector-specific examples of how they are applied across a range of landscapes and habitats. We will also explore how they fit into the planning system and current legal and policy requirements. Delegates will get a bigger picture of biodiversity conservation in Ireland and understand where different approaches are appropriate and how to get the best results in their work.

Call for papers now open!

The conference planning team is particularly interested to receive proposals covering the following topic areas:

 -Working at a landscape-scale and lessons learnt.

-Key lessons for biodiversity protection while working in woodlands, bogs, marine or other habitat types relevant to Ireland.

-How we can effectively take the ‘Bigger Picture’ into account when working on projects. Do you have practical examples of how our work can contribute to alleviating the Biodiversity Crisis and the Climate Emergency?

-Helping to make sustainable development truly sustainable, including case studies that showcase innovation and collaboration with other built environment disciplines.

-Case studies exemplifying biodiversity net gain, rewilding, ecological restoration, green infrastructure or ecosystem services assessment.  

Please complete  and return the pro forma to krystiehamilton@cieem.net if you are interested. The deadline for submission is Friday 24 January and we look forward to receiving your proposals.

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