Banter: Breaking or Making Barriers


As part of CIEEM’s commitment to promoting health and wellbeing across the profession Stella Chandler, Director of Development at Focal Point Training and Consultancy Ltd, will lead a highly topical and thought-provoking interactive session on Banter: Breaking or Making Barriers. The session will look at whether workplace banter is just a bit of fun, or when it ‘crosses’ the line and impacts on workplace wellbeing (as well as potentially costing organisations and businesses money). So where are the lines between a bit of harmless fun and something that is unacceptable? Stella will encourage participants to look at the way our language and behaviour in the workplace can have all sorts of unintended consequences. Participants will leave with a clearer understanding of where the “lines” are and some practical actions to take back into their workplaces to ensure banter is not acting as a barrier to creating an inclusive culture.

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