Lighting Design and Avoidance of Impact to Bats


Bonnie is a chartered electrical engineer and lighting specialist with over fourteen years’ experience working within the industry. She has an MSc in Light and Lighting, and specialises in interior / exterior lighting design and daylighting design. Developing concept to detailed designs, producing detailed surveys, reports and 3D modelling. She specialises in producing Lighting Impact Assessments to accompany planning applications. Assessing and advising on mitigation of the effects from both internal and external lighting on the environment and ecological sensitivities.


The presentation will cover the following:
- An overview of the Lighting Impact Assessment process including baseline surveys, light modelling, mitigation, and assessment
- Details on proposing a suitable lighting scheme, including info on light sources, luminaires, controls, with reference to sites that are ecologically sensitive
- Project examples of sites where dark corridors/zones were required and how these were maintained
- An update on the latest related guidance including the ILP and BCT Bats and Lighting Guide, and ILP PLG04 Lighting Impact Assessments guidance


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