Amman Valley Community Landscape Conservation


Since 2018, INCC has been working with local landowners and the communities of the Amman Valley to undertake nature conservation at a landscape scale. Our focus has been on restoring species and habitats in the landscape, whilst ensuring that local people are at the heart of making it happen.
In comparison to other landscape-scale nature conservation projects in Wales, the Amman Valley is relatively small, covering approximately 4,600ha. For INCC however, it represents an area big enough to undertake large scale conservation projects, but small enough to get to know the area completely, its history, its culture and the wildlife and communities that call it home.

INCC’s conservation work in the Amman Valley has focussed on flagship species. As well as delivering for wildlife, flagship species represent an excellent means of communicating nature conservation issues and engaging local communities to take action. We have defined a flagship species as:
a) a species that is need of conservation action.
b) a species that requires specific conservation measures.
c) a species that represents a particular habitat or habitats.


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