Managing Solar Parks for Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services


Alona’s research and innovation activities focus on developing understanding of the interactions between energy infrastructure and the environment. She uses this understanding to inform policy and practice, with the underpinning aim of promoting the delivery of environmental benefits, beyond that of low carbon energy, from the energy transition. Working collaboratively with stakeholders from across sectors is central to her work.

Piran carries out research on human-ecosystem interactions, investigating the benefits that ecosystems provide for society. He works with decision-makers and practitioners across the environment, health and energy sectors. He is former Director of the NERC Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability (BESS) programme, and is Co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre at the University of York.


Land taken for solar parks has increased in the pursuit of low carbon energy sources. Solar park development and operation offers an opportunity to enhance the hosting ecosystem but also risks detrimental impacts. Together with a cross-sectoral project partner team, we created the Solar Park Impacts on Ecosystem Services (SPIES) decision-support tool (DST). The SPIES DST provides evidence-based insight on the impacts of solar park management actions on ecosystem services. The SPIES DST is transparent and robust, underpinned by evidence.

Within this webinar we will (1) outline the opportunity to manage solar parks for ecosystem benefits; (2) introduce natural capital and ecosystem services concepts; (3) highlight how appropriate management could provide business benefits and deliver to policy stipulations and goals, (4) and finally introduce and demonstrate the SPIES DST.

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