District Level Licensing for Great Crested Newts Webinar


District Level Licensing is new. The approach has proved to be elegantly simple in principle and more challenging in practice but we’re making good progress and we’d like to share where we’ve got to with the project, particularly focusing on:

• Why are we doing it?
• How have we applied the precautionary principle to every element of scheme design?
• How is it working out?


District Level Licensing for great crested newt (GCN) is an England-wide approach to strategic habitat creation for one important species and the forerunner for net gain.
The approach represents a substantial change in practice: seeking to reduce the need for survey, trapping and translocation of this protected species on development sites and embedding strategic provision of compensation habitat. The benefits of this new approach are that it cuts out costs, delays and developer/investor uncertainty in the planning process, and maximises the proportion of investment secured by GCN licencing which is invested in habitat.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has provided £7 million to put in place evidence based licensing strategies in 150 local authorities by 2020. This webinar will cover:

1) District Level Licensing: the context and drivers
2) Latest progress
3) The Kent and Cheshire model
4) A Kent case study
5) What’s current: our Expert Panel and the Framework document
6) Where next?

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