Beaver Survey Methods and Mitigation


This course aims to build on previous knowledge of beavers in the UK and be able to find, identify and assess their field signs and impacts through a range of monitoring methods. In addition, feel confident with current beaver mitigation techniques and associated licensing. This course will covered the below content:

- Protection status of beavers (England/ Scotland) [what legislation applies, what constitutes an offense, compliance]
- Range of monitoring techniques, when to use and data collection
- Focus on field signs and their interpretation
- Field sign survey data collection platforms
- Assessing beaver impacts, subjective and real impacts
- Impact scenarios across varying land-use / sectors
- Mitigation without licence
- Tree protection
- Managing dams without licence
- Managing inactive burrows without a licence
- Licensable mitigation and application techniques
- When you need a licence and how to apply
- Managing mature dams and application techniques
- Managing shelter features and food caches
- Beaver handling, transport and release
- Monitoring and reporting
- Preventative mitigation / managing land for beavers

***Please note that this course is for those working in this sector / professional ecologists and they must have completed the Beaver Ecology and Field Sign Identification course first***

Who Should Attend?

This course is open to those with some species knowledge / attended beaver ecology and field sign identification course, practitioners and those seeking to apply for a NE licence.

Knowledge Level


Learning Outcomes

  • - Interpret field signs and assess beaver impacts across a range of scenarios.
  • - Understand a range of monitoring methods and when surveys might be required
  • - Identify and prioritise potential conflicts.
  • - Outline a range of mitigation techniques, how they can be applied and when a licence would be required.


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