Hazel Dormouse: Handling and Survey Methods


This one day course provides a basic introduction to dormouse ecology, with more detailed information on survey and handling techniques. The training includes practical sessions on dormouse handling and nibbled nut identification.


A practical handling session will enable participants to check nest boxes in Wildwood’s captive enclosures and to handle, sex and weigh adult dormice. There may also be the opportunity to observe or handle baby or juvenile dormice depending on time of year and breeding success.

Who Should Attend?

Those currently training for a dormouse handling licence or those who already hold a licence but haven't handled dormice for a while and require a refresher session or to improve their technique.

Knowledge of basic ecology of dormice would be useful but this will be re-capped on the course.

Knowledge Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Prior Knowledge

No prior knowledge is assumed, but some basic dormouse ecology knowledge would be helpful.

Learning Outcomes

  • To develop safe and correct handling skills.
  • To practise accurate sexing, weighing and assessment of breeding condition and age.
  • To know how to identify nibbled nuts and dormouse nests.
  • To be able to summarise nest box and nest tube monitoring methods.
  • To know how to complete recording forms.


Tickets Person(s) Price (£)
CIEEM Member Ticket 1 £142.00
Non Member Ticket 1 £205.00