Bats: Assessing the Impact of Development on Bats, Mitigation & Enhancement


This course covers impacts on bats of different types of development and various mitigation and enhancement requirements for planning. Course appropriate for all those undertaking professional bat work in the UK.


The need for appropriate mitigation and compensation is paramount for successful and continued use of a structure/habitat by bats. This requires a good understanding of bat ecology and how development can impact different species of bats in different ways.

This course will cover the impacts on bats of building/housing development, roads, bridges and trees and the requirement for appropriate mitigation, compensation and enhancement in line with current legislative requirements.

Effective communication with clients will also be discussed to assist practitioners in ensuring clients are aware of, and understand, the laws protecting bats and the requirements for mitigation, compensation and enhancement.

The style of training will be a blend of presentation, case studies and scenarios with small group working. It is hoped that delegates will contribute with their own experiences, wherever possible, to encourage discussion on best practice methods to mitigate, compensate and enhance the resources that bats need to survive in our landscape.

The course is suitable for those who have some knowledge of bat ecology and surveys (or have attended an Introduction to Bat Ecology and Bat Surveys course). A further reading list will be given out to each participant.


Session Date of session Session Times
Session 1 15 April 2024 10:00am - 13:00
Session 2 16 April 2024 10:00am - 13:00

Who Should Attend?

Ecology graduates and students, developers, planners, ecological consultants, SNCO & NGO staff.

The trainer also offers an introductory level course, focusing on bat ecology and surveys. See website for further details.

Knowledge Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Prior Knowledge

NB: Bat Licences in the UK are issued by Natural England, NRW, SNH and NIEA. Two licensed referees are required for any application. As references should be based on the observation of a person's skills over an extended period of time, CIEEM does not provide references. We do however provide a certificate confirming completion of the training which will help in the assessment of your application. This certificate is not an indication of your competency.

Learning Outcomes

  • Raise knowledge of potential impacts of development on bats.
  • Develop knowledge of how to assess impacts on bats.
  • Improve awareness of different types of bat mitigation and compensation.
  • Increase understanding of how to apply relevant mitigation and compensation to different levels of impact and contexts.
  • Understand the importance of ecological enhancement to benefit bats.


Tickets Person(s) Price (£)
CIEEM Member Ticket 1 £135.00
Non Member Ticket 1 £195.00