Influence: Fears, Desires and Threats in Changing Situations


Applied Influence Group learnt what they know about influence on high stakes military intelligence operations. During that time they codified an approach to influence which they have been taking to a wide variety of clients for the last four years. Individuals want different things and feel threatened by different things.

These fears and desires can change over time. Getting your message right for the right individual can help you change how people think, feel and act about what you are trying to achieve. At the end of this session you'll be able to: tailor influence messaging to an individual using of our fears and desires model, to increase your persuasiveness.


This webinar will be presented by Dan Connors who is Co-Founder & Chief Influence Officer at Applied Influence Group. Dan developed his understanding and practice of influence over a 22 year career in specialist military intelligence roles and has been applying and adapting that knowledge to the toughest of business challenges since co-founding the Applied Influence Group.

In his spare time Dan volunteers with a number of conservation groups, is studying for an MSc in Countryside Management and runs ultramarathons.


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