Delivering the Diversity in Biodiversity Net Gain


Biodiversity is nature’s mixture and assortment, variety and variability. Wildflowers are a natural species rich habitat full of mixture, assortment and variety that offer a fantastic opportunity to deliver biodiversity. The problem is that they are hard to establish, take a long time to develop and are not recognised as a valuable tool for delivering measurable, long lasting biodiversity by landscape professionals.
To enable wildflowers to complement biodiversity, they must be recognised and accepted by all stakeholders, particularly the landscape professionals responsible for delivering Biodiversity Net Gain. These professionals, from ecologists, to designers, to contractors, can best use wildflowers if they realise the practicalities of specifying, designing, installing and maintaining them.
We have experience of many ways of establishing and enhancing wildflowers (traditional and modern) and know practical methods to ensure long lasting success that follow the good practice principles for development of Biodiversity Net Gain.


James Hewetson-Brown is the Managing Director of Wildflower Turf Limited, the UK’s leading specialist supplier of Wildflower Turf used for landscaping and green roof projects.
He has spent his working lifetime in agriculture and is a graduate of Seale Hayne Agricultural College. His strong interest in biodiversity led to the development of the concept of Wildflower Turf in 2003. Since then, James has conducted a significant amount of research into the establishment of wildflower landscapes in the built environment. His work led to the introduction of Wildflower Turf to the market, a product that is guaranteed to produce a wildflower landscape.
James has a practical and pragmatic approach to his wild flower thinking. From gardens to civil engineering, he has helped develop many wild flower spaces giving him a unique insight into the realistic requirements for successful results. He conducts Open Days at the Wildflower Turf Nursery in North Hampshire and regularly gives presentations and talks on the subject to a wide variety of audiences.

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