How to Consider Terrestrial Invertebrates in Ecology Projects


Invertebrates are a major component of terrestrial ecology (representing 98% of all known species in Scotland) and are the foundation of most ecosystem services, yet are often overlooked by professional ecologists. This webinar will introduce participants to a best practice approach to ensure terrestrial invertebrates are considered appropriately. Although specialist expertise is required to undertake invertebrate surveys (for which there is a skills gap in the UK ecology sector), this webinar is aimed at ecology project managers regardless of entomology experience so that they can build this in to survey programmes following a staged approach.

This webinar will cover how to assess whether detailed targeted invertebrate surveys are necessary for a project, and the approach to such surveys if deemed necessary to inform a robust Ecological Impact Assessment. This will include an overview of some survey methods, and contexts within which results may be considered.


This webinar will be presented by Chris Cathrine. Chris has over 15 years’ experience as a professional ecologist. As Director of Caledonian Conservation Ltd, he has designed and undertaken many invertebrate surveys and assessments for a range of purposes including for major infrastructure, mixed use developments, renewable energy projects, land use change, Site Condition Monitoring of protected sites, identifying new qualifying features for Sites of Special Scientific Interest, academic studies, and conservation research.

Chris has also rationalised invertebrate priority species on the Scottish Biodiversity List to facilitate public body reporting under contract to SNH. He runs other training courses such as Ecological Impact Assessment for CIEEM, and taught invertebrate biology and wildlife legislation topics as an external lecturer at University of the West of Scotland for two years. He previously worked as Assistant Conservation Officer (Scotland) and Planning Casework Officer (UK) at Buglife.

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