Raptor Persecution in Wales

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Online talk by Julian Hughes explaining how illegal persecution of raptors in Wales has not gone away, and in particular how indiscriminate poisoning has increased. Landowners, naturalists, consultants and members of the public all have a valuable role to play in combating illegal killing of birds of prey.


Raptor populations in Wales have been affected by human influence for several hundred years. The theft of eggs and chicks from nests and the shooting, trapping and poisoning of birds of prey caused the extirpation of several species from the Welsh countryside and restricted the ranges of several others.

This talk will provide a historic perspective on these changes and bring it right up to date with an assessment of the state of raptors in Wales, the current threats and the role we can all play in supporting wildlife law enforcement in Wales.

Julian Hughes is Head of Species at RSPB Cymru, overseeing its recovery programme and advocating policies to benefit priority species, including enforcement of laws to protect nature. He has worked for the RSPB for 30 years, in a number of roles, including Site Manager at its Conwy reserve in North Wales. In his spare time, he is editor of the Welsh Bird Report, former chair of the Welsh Ornithological Society and one of the editors of The Birds of Wales/Adar Cymru, published in 2021 by Liverpool University and WOS.

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