Ground Water Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems


GWDTE are a range of habitats influenced by ground water. GWDTE are wetlands which critically depend on groundwater flows and/or chemistries. As part of the assessment of groundwater status, we are required to assess if a GWDTE has been significantly damaged and if the pressure causing this damage has been transmitted via a groundwater body.


This course aims to look at the ecological requirements – habitats and species, relationship to ground water hydrology, chemistry and geology and will examine the factors to be studied to understand the complexity of these systems. This will include GWDTE functions and references:

o SEPA GWDTE habitats review
o Desk study – existing hydrology, hydro-geology, geology, topography, aerial photos
o Site visit – chemical analysis, topography, ground trothing drift/solid geology – control samples
o Assessment – include value of GWDTE and Annex 1 habitats
o Potential or Actual GWDTE?
o Mitigation/Monitoring requirements
o Phase 1 Habitat and NVC Quadrat data
o Site preparation and procedures
o Methods and preparation (record cards, frequency and Domin values)
o Plant identification and species indicators for habitats
o Analysis of quadrat data and interpretation of Phase 1 and NVC data

Who Should Attend?

Consultants, SEPA, Water Authorities, Hydrologists, Aquatic Ecologists and Freshwater botanists. Relevant to all UK.

Knowledge Level


Prior Knowledge

Understand and recognise the key differences between habitats, hydrological and water chemistry.

Some knowledge of NVC communities and Phase 1 habitats.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to identify at least 8 potential GWDTE vegetation communities.
  • Be able to identify GWDTE vegetation communities based on hydrological and chemical characteristics.
  • Understand and recognise the key differences between habitats and hydrological parameters.
  • To identify guidance and legislation covering GWDTE in Scotland.


Refreshments will be provided throughout the day. Please bring your own lunch.


Tickets Person(s) Price
Member Ticket 1 £220.00
Non Member Ticket 1 £360.00